Here are just some of the services I can provide for horse owners and career students:

  • flatwork lessons- general schooling or proper 'dressage' lessons
  • jumping lessons - pole work, grid work, course jumping, jump off skills, accompanying you to a competition
  • confidence building throughout
  • cross country training (preferably after working with you over showjumps)
  • schooling your horse over jumps or on the flat when you don't have time, when you can't ride, or don't want to jump
  • tack and bitting advice
  • general exercise and fittening work
  • lunge lessons - I can teach you to lunge, long rein and/or lunge you on your horse
  • horse care and stable management - I can help you to improve your practical skills and your knowledge, including feeding, health, handling and so on
  • competition preparation - warm up plans, ring craft, tactics, mental preparation
  • horse selection - I can accompany you to view prospective horses/ponies and advise you on their suitability
  • exam preparation - I can prepare you for BHS exams, PC tests, Riding Club tests, Horse Owners Certificate

Please get in touch with me for more details.

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Lisa Hiddleston,
11 Mar 2010, 16:01
Lisa Hiddleston,
11 Mar 2010, 16:01